Weight Loss Management

Food is life. What and how much we eat affects not only our appearance but also energy levels, cognitive abilities, performance and mood. You want to make sure then that nothing is left to chance in your diet. Weight loss management consultation provides you with your personal diet analysis, nutritional advice, strategies for creating proper eating habits, motivation and support.

Single session: $55 | Packages starting from $45 per session

Personal Training Two on One

Two on one training is good for people of similar abilities and sharing the goals they would like to achieve. You still get a lot of personal attention from your trainer. Cost effective way of utilising the benefit of personal training. You can train with your partner, friend or family member.

Single session: $55 per person per session | Two-on-one package of 10 sessions: $490 per person

Pre & Post Natal Session

Well structured program to help pregnant women to prepare for the demands of birthing process and new mothers to return faster to the pre-pregnancy shape and level of fitness.

Single session: $85 | One-on-one package of 10 sessions: $800

Personal Training One on One

The best kind of training for everyone who wants to make sure the program is really effective for their particular goals, whether it’s weight loss, strengthening upper body or getting fitter. The trainer will design a program that also serves good purpose to your posture, leaving you tall and well-balanced. Each session is 1 hour long and includes: General warm-up; Individually tailored training which can consist of : resistance training, cardiovascular training, eg.: kick-boxing or interval training, circuit, corrective exercise; assisted stretching; nutritional advice

Single session: $85 | One-on-one package of 10 sessions: $800

Initial Consultation

During initial consultation your trainer gets to know you, your history, lifestyle, abilities, posture type and the goals you would like to achieve. Based on the discoveries, your trainer will suggest the training options that would benefit most your specific requirements and abilities. Session includes: Pre-exercise screening Postural assessment; Fitness testing; Goal analysis

Single session: $80

From your initial consultation Kinga will work with you whether it be personal training one on one, pre and post natal sessions, group sessions or weight loss management. Contact Kinga today on 0410 320 563 or complete the form here to make an appointment


  • Gym instructor- Cert. III (AIF)
  • Master Trainer- Cert. IV (AIF)
  • Childrens Trainer
  • Older Adults Trainer
  • Senior First Aid
  • Fitness Network Member
  • Advanced boxing for fitness instructor
  • Pre and post natal exercise certificate
  • Corrective exercise certificate – in progress
  • Certificate in nutrition
  • Registered with Fitness Australia

Areas of Expertise

  • weight loss
  • toning up
  • developing cardiovascular fitness
  • pre and post natal exercise
  • integrated corrective exercise
  • nutrition